Linguistics Program

Linguistics Program

Linguistics at Richmond is an interdisciplinary minor that studies the system of language as a medium of cognition and perception as well as a social institution. Engaging in linguistic analysis enables students to view culture through the lens of language. Language can be studied at multiple levels: phonetics and phonology (sounds), morphology (words), syntax (sentences), and semantics and pragmatics (meaning). Faculty at Richmond investigate each of these levels in courses that take different analytical perspectives: applied linguistics, computational linguistics, generative linguistics, historical linguistics, psycholinguistics, sociolinguistics, and theoretical linguistics. These courses address a variety of topics, including language change, language and cognition, and language and society (gender, class, race/ethnicity). 

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Linguistics Careers & Alumni Success

Studying linguistics can help prepare you for a career in a variety of different fields, including but not limited to: teaching, publishing, national security, international affairs, policy, forensics, medicine, and technology. A recent study found that the major with the fewest underemployed graduates was “Foreign Languages, Literature, and Linguistics.”

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Faculty Highlights

Dr. Elizabeth Kissling
Kissling Published

Elizabeth Kissling, associate professor of Spanish and applied linguistics, published “Can Concept-based Language Instruction Change Beginning Learners’ Aspectual Development?: Preliminary Experimental Evidence that Novice Learners Taught Boundedness Are Less Influenced by Lexical Aspect” in Jalda.

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Dr. Taylor Arnold
Arnold & Kissling Published

Taylor Arnold, associate professor of statistics, along with Elizabeth Kissling, associate professor of Spanish and applied linguistics, published the article "Preliminary Evidence that Applied Cognitive Linguistics is Effective for Novice Learners Regardless of their Individual Differences" in Language Teaching Research

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Dr. Matthew Lowder
Lowder Published

Matthew Lowder, associate professor of psychology, published "Emotionality Effects in Korean Visual Word Recognition: Evidence from Lab-Based and Web-Based Lexical Decision Tasks" in Acta Psychologica

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Dr. Joonsuk
Park Published

Joonsuk Park, assistant professor of computer science, published the paper "Beyond Fact Verification: Comparing and Contrasting Claims on Contentious Issues" in the Findings of the Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL).

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