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Linguistics students do research throughout the entire course of their studies, beginning with Introductory Linguistics (LLC 203). Some examples of students’ research projects in the Introductory course can be found here

More advanced courses in linguistics regularly engage students in research, and Linguistics faculty members enjoy sharing their research with interested students. Students are encouraged to pursue their ideas and interests through research projects under the close supervision of a faculty mentor. Some of these projects can lead to presentations at national and international conferences and even to publication in peer-reviewed journals. For students who think they may want to continue their studies at the graduate level or who simply want to pursue more in-depth research opportunities, the School of Arts & Sciences offers a number of summer research fellowships to students who want to stay on campus and receive support for research with a faculty advisor. Typically, summer research results in some sort of measurable project at its conclusion, either a paper or presentation. The School of Arts & Sciences also offers students travel stipends if they want to present their research at regional or national conferences or meetings.

Examples of ongoing student-faculty research collaborations, research opportunities in linguistics, and recent student conference presentations can be found here.